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About Farmers Bank of Lohman

Farmers Bank of Lohman is a community oriented financial institute serving the Lohman and St. Martins, Missouri areas. The bank has served as a landmark institution in the community for over 100 years. Generations of customers have walked through our doors, and have entrusted us with their assets and their loyalty. The bank obtained its certificate of incorporation from the State of Missouri on February 23, 1909. Its deposits have been insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation since August 23, 1935. The original incorporation consisted of 100 bank shares of $100 par value purchased by investors from the local community of Lohman. The descendants of many of those charter shareholders continue to enjoy a business relationship with the bank.

In addition to the loyalty and faithfulness of its employees and directors, over the years, the bank mostly owes its longevity to its many customers who still enjoy a personal banking relationship and appreciate being served by people who know them as individuals. Farmers Bank of Lohman has approximately $66 million in assets. We are a full service bank that offers a full range of checking, savings, and financial products and services at a reasonable cost. The majority of products and services, including many electronic services, offered by financial institutions are available at our bank. 2003 saw the innovation of online banking, the latest of a growing list of services available to our valued customers.

The bank remains, to this day, a locally owned and operated business that prides itself in knowing its customers and providing personalized service.

You can now access your Farmers Bank of Lohman account from the comfort of home. When you sign up for our online banking program, you'll have instant access to account balances, transfers, loan rates, and much more. Call (573)893-5665 for more details.

Call (573) 782-4431 or (573)893-5665 for account information.

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